“A delightful introduction to a truly magnificent player” -on his playing on a recent release by Bob Mover (“My Heart Tells Me”/Modema with Kenny Barron/Josh Evans/Bob Cranshaw), Brent Black
“To those ears the most unsung musician in jazz, a cutting-edge player with his own sound”- Len Dobbin(Coda Magazine)
 “…has managed to do what increasingly seems like the near-impossible in the modern jazz idiom—taken a highly personal tangent on the predominant line of influence, out of John Coltrane (in Halls’ case Wayne Shorter), that has shaped tenor saxophone playing over the past 30 years”- Mark Miller (Jazz author/journalist)
On his solo release Hall Things- “Accessible yet not comfortable-melancholy is rarely such a delicious treat.”  Mike Chamberlain-The Hour.
“Captures the particulars of Hall’s originality well” Geoff Chapman-Toronto Star
“Both muscular and mystical”. Mark Miller Globe and Mail